A Grimm Challenge

A Grimm Challenge – Month 1 (and a bit) Recap

Technically my first month of A Grimm Challenge ended last week, but as I had just put up another post, I decided to wait a week and do my recap today. I can’t believe it’s been over a month of fairy-tales already!

The challenge is going well. I’ll admit there have been a few days where we’ve completely forgotten to read a story(!), but we’ve always caught ourselves back up, so overall we’re still right on track with the ultimate goal.

There have been some great stories, and my favourite tale as of the beginning of this challenge, Rapunzel, was in this month’s batch, giving me something extra fun to read! Out of the stories I didn’t previously know (at least know from the Brothers Grimm), my favourites have been The Three Spinners and The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs. And my husband’s overall favourite is The Brave Little Tailor.

The biggest surprise so far of this challenge is how varied the stories are. Some are classic fairy-tale material, others are quite religious, and some are just plain odd. This last is especially true in stories like The Louse and the Flea, which revolve around unusual characters including inanimate objects.

We’re both looking forward to the month ahead, reading the next batch of tales. Another of my absolute favourite stories, The Robber Bridegroom, is coming soon, so I’m quite looking forward to that!

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