A Grimm Challenge

A Grimm Challenge Month 2 Recap

Two months into A Grimm Challenge!

The challenge is still going well. We’re a bit behind with our stories at the moment due to a writing-thing, but I’m hoping to get caught up this weekend! Our longest story yet is next, so once we’re finished that one, we should just fly through the next few.

This month, I’ve started to really notice how, when we start a new story, it’s always a game to try and guess the ending. (Well, not the specifics of the ending…some strange things occur in these tales, so that would be a game for a very skilled story-guesser, =D). What I mean is, trying to guess what the general outcome will be. Sure, if you have one sister who is beautiful and good and the other ugly and cruel, you know things will turn out much better for the good sister. But other times, particularly when dealing with “clever” characters, it’s not so easy to guess. Sometimes, clever people outwit many and end up with everything they want, even if they don’t deserve it. Other times, these same kinds of characters get their comeuppance, and wind up having nothing to show for their trickery. It’s a lot of fun trying to guess what kind of story it will be!

This month included a lot of my favourite tales, including The Robber Bridegroom, Fundevogel, and The Juniper Tree. I also quite liked some of the quirkier tales like Clever Hans, which is about an idiotic (or possibly clever) boy who always does what his mother tells him, a day too late.

Looking forward to month 3!

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