A Grimm Challenge

A Grimm Challenge – Month 3 Recap

Three months into A Grimm Challenge!

Last month we were a bit behind with our stories, but we’re all caught up now. I can’t believe we’ve almost reached the halfway point in this challenge!

This month had some of the longest stories so far. It’s interesting to see how similar tales can be told at such varying lengths. I love the super short stories, as they’re usually the quirkiest ones. But the long stories take you on a journey…they never get too complicated or bogged down in details, but rather take the hero through several different obstacles, often ones completely unrelated to each other. You really can’t guess where each story will take you!

My favourite tales from this past month include The Golden Goose, Allerleirauh, The Goose-Girl, and The Raven.

Looking forward to reaching the halfway point!

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