A Grimm Challenge

A Grimm Challenge – Month 4 Recap

Four months into A Grimm Challenge!

We’re over halfway through the challenge!

One of the curious things I’ve wondered about during this challenge is how all these stories would come together if the Grimm collection were laid out differently. As it is, there are definite themes grouping the stories together. Certain phrases, character types, or specifics of trades (tales of tailors, for example) are spread throughout the book. But there will be several stories in a row beginning with a king and his daughters, or two siblings, or a frog in a well, or a boy named Hans, etc.

I think it’d be interesting to know why the stories are grouped as they are, since there might be two or three stories starting with a boy named Hans in a row, and then the tales will veer off, until one hundred stories later you’ll find another pocket of Hans tales to read. It’d be quite the task to regroup the stories in different ways, but it’d be interesting to see how the collection would differ.

My favourite tales from this past month include Hans the Hedgehog and The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces. I’ve also come across some of the most disturbing tales this month, the ones about dead children like The Willful Child. Some of these tales are odd, and quite creepy!

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  • cleemckenzie

    I've never read all of the tales, but your comment about how they're organized piqued my interest. I've always thought the Grimm tales very grim, indeed. Might have to revisit them.

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