A Grimm Challenge

A Grimm Challenge – Month 5 Recap

Five months into A Grimm Challenge!

So this month I’ve been thinking about how these tales would be presented if they were written down today, and not in the early 1800s. Now, this in itself is a tricky subject. I am, as a librarian (and just generally as myself) strongly against censorship. I also happen to love horror, and dark children’s tales. So I would never want to brighten these stories, or take out the gruesome, scary, or otherwise “unwholesome” aspects of the tales. So what I’m more interested in is not the events of the tales, but the characters within it.

Sure, there would be stronger female leads (although there are a lot of stories with strong females…they just also all happen to be pious and beautiful). There would, too, be less of a focus on outward beauty. But I’d also be curious to see how couples would be switched up…if certain girls would be swapped for boys, or if some sets of siblings would have more complex relationships. It’d be really fascinating to see these stories not changed, exactly, but adjusted, and fleshed out. I suppose that’s what retellings are for, but it’d be neat to see them kept as short collections of stories, just with a bit more complexity and unpredictability thrown in!

My favourite tales from this past month include The Stolen Farthings and The Glass Coffin!

I have a goal in mind to finish this collection before I go back to work in the middle of September. If we don’t veer terribly off-course, this should be doable, so an end is definitely in sight!

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