A Grimm Challenge

A Grimm Challenge – Week 1 Recap

My first week of A Grimm Challenge is complete! Below I sum up what I read, decide on my favourite tale from the week, and generally comment on the challenge so far.

Stories I Read This Week

1. The Frog-King; or Iron Henry
2. Cat and Mouse in Partnership
3. Our Lady’s Child
4. The Story of the Youth Who Set Forth to Learn What Fear Was
5. The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
6. Faithful John
7. The Good Bargain

My Favourite Fairy-Tale From This Past Week

This week my favourite tales were The Story of the Youth Who… and Faithful John. I love the dark aspects of Grimm tales, and these two definitely have dark bits in them. If I have to pick one, I’ll go with The Story of the Youth Who… That one almost made my original top five list!

General Thoughts So Far

This challenge has been great so far. My husband decided he wanted to be a part of it, too, so we’re taking turns reading the stories out loud. We’ve also started writing our own versions of the “morals” from each tale just for fun.

This week, there were three stories I hadn’t read before (Cat and Mouse, Our Lady’s Child, Good Bargain), but Our Lady’s Child was a mix of two story-types I know well, so it was like I’d read it before, anyways!

Looking forward to continuing next week, =)


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