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C is for Carnival of Souls

Day 3 of A to Z, and today’s letter is C for Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr!

Honestly, I had no interest in reading this story, but I discovered that the audiobook was narrated by James Marsters, and I was interested in hearing him narrate, since I’d heard he was good.

Honestly, I kept listening to this story because I really enjoyed listening to James Marsters. =D

This is the story of Mallory, a werewolf-like creature who doesn’t know she is a werewolf-like creature. It’s the story of Aya, a half werewolf-like creature (called a daimon), and a half witch (which happens to be the daimon’s mortal enemy). And this is the story of Kaleb, a full daimon who unexpectedly attaches to Mallory and partners with Aya, all the while battling for his life in a tournament of warriors.

So…this story was weird. I sort of felt like I was dropped into the middle of a fan fiction. I thought Kaleb and Aya were interesting. Aya’s relationship hinted at some serious passion, and it was legitimately complicated, which I could appreciate. Kaleb’s companionship with his pack mate was endearing, and I enjoyed the “pack” aspect of the story. But there was so much backstory that was never explained, and so many behind-the-scene build-ups that took away from my being able to really care about what was going on.

For instance, daimons and witches hate each other, and the disgust between them is supposed to be epic. But it’s never explained why they hate each other so much.

Instance 2: Kaleb and Mallory start the book by having known each other for a while, and there’s supposed to be chemistry between them, which escalates rather quickly (and creepily) in the story. But since we don’t see their introductions and continuous meetings, I found the connection between them somewhat annoying, because it seemed pretty instantaneous (Pack or no).

There was also a lot of weird sex, lust, whoring out in this book, enslavement and marriage-without-one-member-of-the-party-knowing-about-it going on. Again, weird.

I think I could potentially like this story, but I need to see what happens in book 2, to see if things take on a bit more depth. The possibility is there, but the strangeness of the way things unfolded in book 1 just left the world feeling pretty flat for me.

If James Marsters narrates book 2, however, I certainly won’t mind listening to it!


  • Karen Tamara

    A lot of people LOVE Melissa Marr but I have never been able to get into her books. I've tried a couple of times because I keep feeling like i must be missing something. I generally really love reading Young Adult, and she is one of the biggest writers in the YA world, but her books just aren't for me. It's nice to know i'm not the only one who is a little baffled by them. 🙂

  • Mere Joyce

    I know, right? James Marsters is awesome. I loved listening to his voice, =)

    Ahaha, I tend to be a little harsh on books. If I love a book, I LOVE IT with all my heart and soul. But you gotta work to get to that place for me.

    This is my first Melissa Marr attempt, and I think I might eventually read/listen to book 2 of this series when it comes out. I'm not too eager to delve into her other works just yet, however.

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