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N is for Nightmares

So, nightmares. They are a thing most (all?) of us go through every now and then. But I’m curious to know, what form do your nightmares take?
See, the thing of it is, I’ve always had nightmares. And yet, I’ve never minded them (most of them). Often, the dreams that are horrible while they are happening (usually involving killers, zombies, that sort of thing) are not so terrible upon waking. In the dream, I or someone I know am/is desperately trying to kill a zombie with a toaster (not unlike Shaun of the Dead?), and it is terrifying. But of course, when I wake, it’s amusing.
I don’t have grounded dreams. I don’t know what other people dream of, but I think my dreams have always been pretty out there (I blame it on that “imagination” thing). So my scary dreams are rarely, if ever, anything close to realistic.
I’ve never actually had any nightmares with this guy in it.
 I’ve had dreams, but never any sort of nightmare!
Photo From: allthingsd.com
That’s not to say I don’t sometimes have dreams that actually bother me even when I’m awake. Of course I do. But, you see, these nightmares are usually not actually scary, and are often not even nightmares while they are happening!
For example, years ago I had a dream in which I was lying in bed, and I looked over, and there, in the doorway, a really tall guy (like eight feet tall or something) stood hunched over looking at me. That was it. He didn’t do or say anything, and he wasn’t a monster (he was dressed in a nice suit, if I remember correctly). But when I woke up, I couldn’t get back to sleep for, like, an hour. And the image of him standing there still creeps me out!
Humans are weird, eh?
So, what about you? Certainly some nightmares are personal and too frightening to reveal. But do you have nightmarish trends? What are some of the strangest nightmares you’ve had? Anything like me, where it’s not actually scary but freaks you out, anyways?
And have your nightmares ever inspired you? Dreams are often a source of inspiration. But what about these darker worlds of the mind?


  • Brandon Ax

    Yes in fact I use them in my book ELEMENTAL. I have very vivid dreams and nightmares. Most times like you said upon waking up I am fine, but I have had a few over the years that really bothered me and and stay with my to this day. Great post.

  • C. Lee McKenzie

    I have nightmares that seems to go on forever, but fortunately they only come infrequently. My dad always said not having nightmares was a sign of a clear conscience. But then what about those interminably long horrible nights? What have I done to deserve those?

  • Deshipley

    My standard bad dreams involve running late for something I probably didn't want to do in the first place, responsibilities I didn't know about until the last second and am not nearly qualified for (usually a piano performance I haven't practiced, or a dance to which I couldn't do the choreography even if I knew what it was…), or bugs. Or, y'know, sometimes somebody's trying to kill me, but I usually get out of those situations without too much trouble. I much prefer the killers; everything else is too close to real life for comfort.

  • Karen Tamara

    A couple of my dreams have sparked novels, or ideas for novels. But as a kid I used to have a reoccurring dream that a giant blue crab would reach in the window and snatch all the kids who weren't asleep. I was never afraid for myself, but terrified for my sister. I could fake sleep, but my sister may wake up at the wrong time and get snatched. It seems so stupid now, but as a kid it used to scare me so much.

    Great Post!


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