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Book Profiles: The Book You Absolutely Love…Until the End

Okay, so I’ve been talking about character profiles for awhile, and it’s gotten me thinking about book profiles! These are the ways you feel about certain books, and when I do these, I’ll try to highlight my examples with a single book title.

Today, I’m talking about those books that you love until the end. This is the kind of book that has you racing through it, smiling (or crying, or screaming, or feeling terrified) the entire time, and it’s on a fast-track to becoming one of your all-time favourite reads. And then, you get to the ending, and…*cue massive onset of disappointment*.

For me, this is exactly how I felt about Meg Rosoff’s What I Was. I love Meg Rosoff, and What I Was was the second novel I read by her. Right off the bat, I loved the cover, and was totally excited to read the book. I fell in love with the setting and characters immediately. It was a quiet, cozy sort of book…I don’t remember where I was when I read it, but when I think about reading it, I picture curling up in a beach house (which was NOT where it was read, unfortunately)…the setting was so great to me that in my memory I was actually transported there!

I couldn’t put this book down. I loved every moment of it. It was definitely on track to be a top book of all time for me, even replacing the spot of How I Live Now, which I love. And then…I got to the end.

It was a twist ending, and I supposed I did feel twisted by it, but not in a good way. Some people probably loved the ending, but for me it was utterly, heart-wrenchingly horrible. I cannot even explain how much I hated the ending to that book. I thought it was stupid, and pointless, and didn’t make any sense. I thought it took away so much of the dignity of the book, and it actually made me want to cry in frustration. Even now, a couple of years later, I still feel sad dread at the thought of the ending to that story. And I keep hoping that someday she’ll re-release it with an “alternate ending” which is more to my liking. I don’t want to lose hope that this book will never be saved for me, because it came so close to being a cherished favourite, and instead has been forced far down into the depths of the books I loathe.

And all because of an ending! I’ll say one thing, though…doesn’t it say something about how powerfully the story affected me? So, lovely readers, what are your amazing reads that nose-dived at the end? Or have you had any reversals of this, stories that were terrible, but did a complete turn around to something amazing as it finished?


  • Tamara

    I haven't read this book, but I have had this exact experience. It's awful, isn't it? I loved Dead to You by Lisa McMann. Loved the character and the concept. I was totally invested. Until the end, where she just stopped writing in the middle of the page. It was like, we got to the climax of the story and…nothing. It literally stopped mid-page RIGHT at the climax. Hated it. Made me want to throw the book in frustration. One of the worst endings I've ever read. A bunch of people on Goodreads seemed to feel the same. Maybe I just didn't get it, but it seemed fairly awful to me…

  • Ardie

    I've been reading the "Chaos Walking" trilogy by Patrick Ness, and each book so far has had the exact same effect on me. As much as I hate the endings (and many of the events) of each book, the story has gripped me and I keep hoping that the right things will happen in the next book. I both love and hate this trilogy.

  • Mere Joyce

    Lol…I am glad I am not the only one! It definitely says something about the books if they can have such an impact on us, but it's so painful to have such conflicting emotions about the stories!

  • AFord

    Conjures up old memories of reading Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet", where the ending could have been much more different had she awakened before he…

    Really a sad ending.

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