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    GUTGAA Small Press Pitch Contest

    Happy October everyone! Just a quick note to mention the beginning of GUTGAA’s Small Press Pitch Contest!  I didn’t enter this one, because I don’t know enough about the small presses.  But I wanted to wish good luck to everyone who did enter! Let me know if you made it into this contest!  I’m really interested to follow this one, and see how it is different (and similar) to the agent pitch!

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    GUTGAA Agent Pitch Contest

    Well the first round of the Agent Pitch Contest is over!  I didn’t make it through to the next round, but I did get a vote, and some other very positive comments, so I’m happy.  It was my first contest, so I met my goal, and had a lot of fun watching the twitter feed for a couple of days, =P How did everyone else do in the first round?  And how did everyone find the contest?  As I think is typical, there are always things you want to change, or little annoyances (like when someone comments on your post and their comments are so far off the mark you…

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    GUTGAA Pitch Contest and Reader Appreciation!

    I’m very happy to relate that I made it into the GUTGAA Agent Pitch Contest!  Round one (I think) will be posted tomorrow?  So I’m excited to see what other queries are grouped with me.  Did everyone else make it in?  It’s so exciting, but nerve-racking at the same time, eh? In other news, I was nominated for a Reader Appreciation award.  Whoo!  I was happily surprised to see myself nominated for this award…it’s so great to get to meet people through forums, blogs, and contests, and it’s neat to get to share the love and good tidings with everyone else through things like this!  So now, it’s my turn…

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    It’s been busy around here.  I am entering into my final week of work (yikes!) before I am finished my contract, and am thus unemployed =(  I have some prospects, so it is not dreadfully dire, but it has been fairly stressful, and I’ve been picking up extra shifts to bump up that final pay!  And thus, I’ve had less time to get my brain working on other stuff, such as writing blog posts (boo).  I am hoping to pick it up again, soon.  And after this next week, I’ll have a least a little time off, so I will definitely focus on the blog then! In other news, I’ve…

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    GUTGAA – Meet and Greet!

    As previously mentioned, I am participating in the Gear Up to Get An Agent event this year, hosted by the wonderful Deana Barnhart. And the very first thing to do in an event like this is, of course, so participate in the meet and greet, to get to know other writers and let others get to know a little about me! Interesting in signing-up for GUTGAA? There’s still time! Just check out the information by clicking the badge above! And now, onto the meet and greet. *************** About Me: I am Mere! I am 24, Canadian, and a librarian by day (and sometimes night)! I am married, and live with…

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    Gearing Up to Get an Agent

    Thanks to the lovely Lisa, I recently discovered GUTGAA, the Gearing Up to Get an Agent Blogfest, hosted by Deana Barnhart! I have never done one of these blogfests before, but I have signed-up for this one, and I am kind of excited. I am working to polish my new query (based on revisions), and this will be a good motivator to get it perfected! I am really looking forward to meeting some new writers through this event, and you’ll likely see one or two blog posts related to the event on here, too! GUTGAA begins next Friday, August 31st, with the Meet and Greet! If you are a writer…