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    October Update: Introducing October Gold

      It’s October! I love this time of year – cooler weather, spooky things abounding, and the holiday season on the horizon. Perfect, =) Life has been busy this past month, and I’ve got exciting news to share! My next YA Contemporary novel has a publisher! Tentatively titled October Gold, this Canadian, family-centric YA will be published by the wonderful Dancing Cat Books in 2019! Stay tuned for more details, =) Also, if you are in the Woodstock Ontario area, join me on November 6 at the Woodstock Public Library for a talk on how writing as a teen influenced my future writing career! For now, I’m busy with edits,…

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    Freedom to Read

    It’s that time of year again! Freedom to Read Week is February 21-27, 2016. If you’re unfamiliar with FRW, it’s Canada’s week to celebrate and bring awareness to banned and challenged books, and to discuss the dangers of censorship (pretty much the same as the American Banned Books Week that takes place in the fall). This is an important issue to me, as a writer, a librarian, a reader, and now as a parent, too. So, every year I make a point to read a banned or challenged book around this week (although I naturally read challenged books as part of my usual reading activities regardless of the month). This…

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    Celebrate the Small Things

    Hosted by Lexa Cain, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life! This week, I’m celebrating: Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto with a couple of my colleagues. The Super Conference is a massive library conference held yearly here, full of informational sessions, product exhibitors, and lots of publishers/authors! I got to attend a panel session with seven Canadian authors, which was fantastic. Nothing makes you yearn to write more than hearing other authors talk about their craft! Having a nice lunch with my husband – me and my husband’s schedules have been…

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    A Day in the Life of a Librarian

    Last week I worked a Saturday shift at the library, which is actually very unusual for my schedule, though not at all unusual for many librarians. Because of this, I decided to do A Day in the Life post about the day! The day started at 9:30, when the library opened. As usual, there were patrons waiting at the door for us to let them in, which another librarian did while I printed off the holds list. This is exactly what it sounds like…a list of the items patrons have placed on hold, which are currently available at our location. We run this list twice a day, once in the…

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    Celebrate the Small Things

    Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life! My celebrations for this week are:  Did some writing yesterday! I haven’t done much writing at all lately, so this was wonderful. Hopefully I’ll get some more done over the weekend, but we move in a week (yikes!) and I have pretty much the entire house to pack…so we’ll see how that goes! It was March Break for the kids here, which meant tons of activities at the library this week. Seriously, for anyone who wonders what the library’s worth is…come to a March Break program (around here, anyways). They did…

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    Freedom to Read Week 2014

    It’s Freedom to Read Week in Canada! This week, February 23 – March 1, is officially Freedom to Read Week. Freedom to Read is pretty much the same thing as Banned Books Week in the US, although ours is earlier in the year. And if you don’t know what either of these weeks are about… Freedom to Read Week celebrates, well, the freedom for us to choose what we want to read! It’s a celebration of the wonders of reading, and of the diversity in books. It also fights against the censorship of books, which is an absolutely horrid thing. It’s all about freedom of expression, and respecting that even…

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    Off to OLA!

    Every year the Ontario Library Association holds a huge conference in Toronto for librarians and other information science professionals. It’s a neat conference, because it has something for pretty much everyone, and this is the first year I’m lucky enough to get to go! Yesterday, I spent a whole day in a workshop for creating videos for the library. While I already knew a lot of what the instructors told us, I did learn of a few new tools I can use for video-making, which was wonderful. Tomorrow, I’m going to the conference proper, where I’ll attend a few different sessions on things like booktalking, engaging with the community, and…

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    Neil Gaiman on Libraries and Reading

    Just a quick, short post, to highlight something that’s definitely worthwhile reading material! This article is not actually new…it was posted on The Guardian in October. However, I just came across it, and wanted to point it out. It’s a great lecture about the importance of libraries and reading (especially reading fiction), and those are two things I can definitely get behind! Neil Gaiman on the importance of libraries and reading

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    How I Became a Librarian

    I saw this post on GreenBeanTeenQueen’s blog, and apparently a few different bloggers have been doing this. So I thought I’d share my own story of how I came to be a librarian. I’ve always loved reading and writing, but unlike a lot of librarians, I wasn’t myself a library user growing up. That’s not to say I never went to the library…I have assorted memories of going to various libraries over the years, for one reason or another. But it was not an active part of my childhood. We usually bought books, so bookstores were always my favourite place in the universe. And, honestly, I didn’t ever think about…

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    Celebrate the Small Things

    Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life! Again, I’m combining 2 weeks into one. So my celebrations over the last couple of weeks have been: My new niece was born! This marks the second child for my sister, and the fourth niece/nephew for me (my brother has two as well…the second of which was born in May). So, there are a lot of young ‘ins around our parts these days! I am being overloaded with books, and that is a very good thing. Went a little crazy and ordered a bunch of books that are being held up…