Celebrate the Small Things

Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

This week, I’m celebrating:

  • The agent round for Nightmare in Query Street was this week, and it ended up being amazing. I got 4 requests, and had a ton of fun on Twitter with the other contestants/mentors/cheerleaders!
  • It’s Halloween! We’re not actually doing anything more than handing out candy and watching some horror movies (the latter of which is fairly typical of any given night around here), but it’s still a fun day, =)
  • Tomorrow is November 1st, which means it’s Die Hard Day. We start our holiday movie watching in November, otherwise we would never get through all of our holiday films, and it’s become a tradition here to start the festivities off on November 1st by watching Die Hard!

    What are you celebrating this week?

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      1. Sarah Foster says:
        Ha, I love your holiday movie watching tradition! My fiance always says that Die Hard is his favorite Christmas movie 🙂
      2. Congrats on your agent requests! I've always liked Die Hard, too. Enjoy your movie watching, and Happy Halloween!
      3. cleemckenzie says:
        Great news! Keep us posted.
      4. Good news on the agent round! Die Hard is one of my favorites!
      5. Deshipley says:
        A marathon of holiday movies from November onward. Sounds like a fun tradition. 🙂

        And congratulations on your agent requests; that's exciting!

        My latest celebration is no small thing: I had a laptop crisis yesterday (on my birthday, of all days!), but joy of joys, a guy was able to fix it that very afternoon — the day before he was scheduled to leave town for a wedding. So THAT was something of a miracle!

      6. Lexa Cain says:
        Congrats on your 4 requests – that's great! Yay for traditions with family, especially if they include fun movies. 🙂
      7. Sharon Himsl says:
        Love the movie tradition. Sure hope you get an agent. Exciting news!
      8. Congrats on all your requests!!!!