Celebrate the Small Things

Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

This week, I’m celebrating:

  • My first short story was published in an anthology this week! Hauntings launched yesterday, and I’m so excited to get my copy in the mail (it’s coming from the UK to Canada, so it might take a while, unfortunately!)
  • Enjoying my week off. I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday that took 3 hours (2 hours and 55 minutes of which was waiting o_o) so we didn’t end up seeing the play we’d bought tickets to. A shame to have wasted the money, but we went out for a nice dinner instead, which was lovely.

What are you celebrating this week?

    4 Responses so far.

    1. cleemckenzie says:
      That's wonderful about your short story!
    2. So sorry you missed the play, but congratulations on the short story, that's brilliant.
    3. Deshipley says:
      A shame about the play. :/ Yay for book launching, though!

      I, meanwhile, am celebrating my decision /not/ to push myself to brainstorm/write/edit/submit a new short story this month, freeing myself to have a bit of breathing room in the spaces between doing other necessary things. Once every blue moon, I do something nice for my mental health. X)

    4. Congrats on your story! I get sooo exasperated waiting in doctors offices…sorry you had to miss the play. Try and have a nice weekend.