Celebrate the Small Things

Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

My celebrations for this week are: 

  • Well, it’s cold and snowy again here, which I’m not crazy about, but over last weekend it was incredibly warm and foggy and rainy, which I loved. I miss it already, but it was a great January thaw that melted a ton of horrid ice from our driveway!
  • I have been putting off reading a particular book for ages, even though I was fairly certain I would enjoy it. Just couldn’t get in the right mood, you know? However, I am going to be doing a newspaper review for it at the beginning of March, so I knew I needed to start it to give myself lots of time, in case it was a struggle to get through it. Now that I’ve finally started it, though, I’m enjoying it just as I knew I would, and it’s a relief to want to read it, instead of feeling forced to open the book!

What are you celebrating this week?

7 Responses so far.

  1. Wanting to read what you need to read is always a bonus.
  2. cleemckenzie says:
    Isn't it great to become involved in a book? I especially love it on a cold winter day.
  3. Sharon Himsl says:
    A good time to read when it's cold and snowy out!
  4. Lexa Cain says:
    Yay for the thaw and for reading something you no longer feel "forced" to read. (I've learned the art of skimming when I must write a review of something. Handy. lol) Happy reading to you, and I hope you get an early spring! 🙂
  5. VikLit says:
    Hurrah to starting your reading.
  6. Yes, get your reading on! I hope you do enjoy it and find you can't put it down. Or that you find it on audiobook. 🙂
  7. DMS says:
    Glad you were able to thaw out a little up there! We had lots of fog last week and it was so pretty. How wonderful that you are enjoying the book you need to review and that you want to read it. That makes the whole process so much easier!

    Happy reading and writing. 🙂