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Celebrate the Small Things

Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

My celebrations for this week are:

  • On Sunday, I finally got to see Catching Fire at the cinema…it was fantastic! I kind of keep forgetting how much I love this series. Because it’s so big and is featured all over the place, I have an instinct to shy away from it, but the movie definitely pulled me back in again!
  • On Wednesday, I went with my husband, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law to the city to see a production of Les Mis. It was wonderful, and the lead role was played by a guy we’d actually seen a couple years ago at a production in London, so it was really cool to see him again over here in Canada!
  • And the biggest celebration of all…I learned this week that a short story of mine has been accepted in the upcoming Hauntings anthology by Hic Dragones press! This will be my first published story of any kind, and it’s one I had a lot of fun working on. I’m absolutely stoked!

What are you celebrating this week?


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