Celebrate the Small Things

Hosted by Lexa Cain, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

This week, I’m celebrating:

  • Visiting with a friend and her new baby – great to catch up and meet the new adorable addition!
  • Ordering new books…I ended up making two book orders this week. Oops! (sorrynotsorry)
  • Beautiful weather – I’m not as much a fan of the heat as I used to be, but it’s still nice to have a few gorgeous summer days for enjoying the sun.

    What are you celebrating this week?

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    1. M.R. R. says:
      Sounds like a nice week. Hope the weekend is nice too.

      God, Entertainment, & Annoying Things

    2. A new baby is always a celebration. Enjoy the good weather.
    3. We got a chance to meet our house-sitters' new baby. (Both parents house sit for us when we travel.) Owen was born a little over three weeks ago, and he's absolutely adorable.

      I'm also celebrating an interview about my book at Rachna's Scriptorium. (Check out Rachna's blog, it's always full of good posts about writing, as well as interviews and reviews.

    4. Mere, received Blank Canvas in the mail last week. I can't wait to sink my teeth into it!!
    5. Mere Joyce says:
      So glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy, =D
    6. T. Drecker says:
      I got the Blank Canvas a few days ago. My kids loved the bookmark! And so glad you got to visit a friend's. Sounds like a nice week.
    7. Karla Gomez says:
      Those are indeed great things to celebrate! Just came from another blog where a newborn was mentioned. Such little cuties full of innocence and life.
    8. Lexa Cain says:
      Yay for visiting with a friend and for beautiful weather! And nothing beats new books! It's so exciting, looking them over, re-reading the blurbs, trying to decide which of the lovelies to read first – am I right?? lol
    9. Mere Joyce says:
      That's the best and worst part – trying to decide which one to read!