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Celebrate the Small Things

Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

Again, I’m combining 2 weeks into one. So my celebrations over the last couple of weeks have been:
  • My husband just finished school, and has been waiting for the results of his big examination that he took in June (he’s a Respiratory Therapist). The results were finally released to students last week, so he’s passed and now has his official registration, which means he can work under his own license and being a fully operational RT!
  • And, to go along with that, he was also offered a second job last week as well. I’m very proud of him =)
  • Got a TON of writing done over this last week. I was hit with a major inspiration bug, and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’ve far surpassed my writing goals for this week, and since that doesn’t always happen, I’m definitely celebrating!
  • Saw a trailer for the How I Live Now movie. I loved this book so much, so I’m excited for the movie. The trailer is very different from how I pictured the characters and the events, but it still looks like it’s being taken seriously and could be done really well. *fingers crossed*


So that’s what I’ve been celebrating. How about you?


  • VikLit

    Congrats to your husband, that's all fabulous news!

    BTW it looks to me like your linky on the list goes to an old post – if you want to replace it with a more general one just to your blog so people don't miss you, just leave me a note at my blog and I'll delete the old link and you can sign up with a new one. Just a thought.

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