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Celebrate the Small Things

Okay, so I keep seeing this bloghop about, and I decided to finally join in. Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

I’m late, but that’s alright. This week I am celebrating:

– Finally think I’ve settled on my next actual writing project. I’ve been swirling ideas in my head for awhile without being able to find something that really wants to stick, but I think I’ve found it, and I’m really excited to get some serious writing underway this weekend!

– Got some new books in the mail this week, which means I now have even more pretty things to stare at as I try to decide what I’m going to read out of the mountain in my office! Among the books, I also got this awesome(ly little) book:

And if you’ve ever seen the show Black Books, you’ll understand why this is fantastic!

– Got to be super-librarian this week, which is always fun…a patron left a cheque in a book she’d returned, and called the library after we had closed to see if we had found it. She couldn’t remember what the book was called but I was able to use my knowledge of YA series to pluck it out of the returns bin and find the cheque, which meant happy patron and happy staff who didn’t have to stay late looking through a pile of books!

So that’s what I’m celebrating today. How about you?


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