Celebrate the Small Things,  Writing

Celebrate the Small Things

Hosted by Lexa Cain, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

This week, I’m celebrating:

  • Fun writing – I’m working on an unofficial NaNoWriMo project this month (unofficial as it’s a short novella-esque creation aiming to be well below 50,000 words!), and this week I’ve figured out a major plot point and have headed into the second half of the first draft. It’s a fun story to write, and knowing where the plot is headed makes it even more enjoyable to work on.
  • Candles – I like candles but don’t usually buy a ton of them, so it was out of the ordinary for me to purchase five candles last week! They are all fall/winter scents, and of a good quality. We’ve been burning them every day, which has been lovely.

What are you celebrating this week?


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