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V is for Victories (and Celebrate the Small Things)

V is for Victories, a celebration!

Hosted by Viklit, this is a great weekly chance to talk about the small things worth celebrating in life!

I’m combining the two hops again this week, by celebrating writing victories, specifically those small ones.

Victories and celebrations go hand in hand, and sometimes it is very necessary to stop for a moment and celebrate the small victories of life. Or, for today, of writing.

There are plenty of big writing victories. Finishing manuscripts/edits, finding an agent/publisher, seeing your book in a bookstore! But a lot of the writing world is not full of such monumental achievements. In fact, much of the time writing can be extremely hard, with very little reward.

So, I’m celebrating the small writing victories as of late. For me, my recent victories have been actually getting some writing done yesterday, and having the idea for a change in my story’s setting, which is making a big difference in the manuscript.

So whether it’s finishing a chapter, getting a new idea, finally understanding that character who has been staying such a mystery, or anything else, today is for victories!

What small writing victories are you celebrating this week?


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