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5 Great Children’s Movies (Not Including Disney)
I love movies, and I love children’s movies!  So, what better way to put these loves together than creating a top 5 children’s movie list!
Now, a couple of things first.  This list is definitely subject to change, as I experience new movies and see how other movies fit into my collection as time goes by (some of the ones on this list are long-standing favourites, while others are relatively new additions to our collection!)  In addition to this, this list is my top 5 favourite children’s movies NOW, not from when I was a child.  That would be an interesting list to make as well, but I am not sure I could really remember with enough clarity to give due credit to my childhood.  Oh, and one final note: this list does not include Disney films (and by that I mean animated Disney classics…live action films are not included in that category).  That’s an entirely different list altogether!
Anyways, on with the list.
5 – Mary Poppins (Disney 1964) – This is a movie I know I saw as a child, but one which I didn’t remember much of.  Recently, however, I finally gave in and bought the film, and after watching it a few times, I have come to love it.  I enjoy that Mary Poppins, who is practically perfect in every way, is actually quite a curious person (who stands like that?)  I enjoy the quirkiness of this film, and I enjoy the message behind it.  The songs, of course, are fantastic as well, and I admit I get the tinglies when I hear Tuppence a Bag, or hear Dick Van Dyke sing “On the rooftops of London, coo what a sight”.

4 – The Secret Garden (Warner Brothers 1993) – I always remembered this film from my childhood.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I always remembered Colin in his wheelchair, going into the Secret Garden.  For years I looked for this movie, without any real intention of getting it, but always just trying to find it.  I couldn’t, for a long time, and then suddenly I spotted it, and knew right away that it was the film I had been looking for.  Now, it seems that you can find it anywhere, but it was kind of magical to find it again, and always having this weird desire to watch it again.  Of course, I now own the film, and I still love it.  There is nothing fantasy-based about this film (or the book) – the garden is a garden, Colin’s recovery occurs because he was never actually sick in the first place, and the progression of events is fairly simplistic.  However, there is something so magical about this film (and the book) nonetheless, that I love it.  It brings magic to real life.

3 – The Neverending Story (Warner Brothers 1984) – This is another new addition.  My cousins had this film growing up, so I had very small snippets of memory about it, from some time when I slept over at their house.  And as I began to see the movie in stores, I became curious.  I love Bastian.  I can only hope that my future children will be half as excited to read as this kid is!  He has the BEST reaction to a book ever, and the whole idea of him reading up in the uber-creepy school attic is just great.  However, what really sold this film to me was when the childlike empress informs Bastian that his story is being watched, too.  I was blown away by that turn of events, and it solidified how amazing this movie was to me.  Oh, and the theme song doesn’t hurt, either.
2 – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Warner Brothers 1971) – This is another movie I only vaguely remembered from my childhood, but which, as an adult, I have come to adore.  This movie is so quirky!  It actually takes a long time for the kids to get to the chocolate factory in this film, and the mini-scenes of the pandemonium surrounding the competition are awesome.  I love the teacher, as well…science would have been much better for me with a teacher like that!  The songs in this film are wonderful, and again, I have the warm and fuzzies for Pure Imagination.  However, as much as I like the innocence and ever-lasting childhood of this film, I also really love Wonka’s darker side.  Gene Wilder is perfectly creepy in the scene in the boat, and his random sayings are fabulous.
1 – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (United Artists 1968) – And my number one favourite children’s movie of all time?  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  I have loved this film since I was a child.  The music is great (my tingly-feeling here?  Hushabye Mountain, of course!), and the dance scenes are wonderful.  The doll scene is still something I love to marvel at, and the child catcher inadvertently, I think, inspired one of my most vivid story characters.  The family, the entertainment, even the villians–there is so much to love about this film!  And although it is a long one (as is Mary Poppins), I have never had a problem sitting through the entire show.  It is my absolute favourite.

So there they are, my top five children’s movies.  I did not intentionally do this, but you may have noticed that all of these films are also books!  (Great movies come from great books, I suppose!)  I have read The Secret Garden, The Neverending Story, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, though I have not yet read Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  They are on my to-read list.

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