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Pete’s Dragon

Okay, so I have mentioned in past posts that I love children’s films.  Well, one of the films I loved as a child and only fairly recently (in the last year or so) got reacquainted with is Pete’s Dragon.  This is a really cute film, about a little boy with a friend who is a dragon named Elliot.  Elliot is, in fact, real, but sometimes he is invisible, which often leads to Pete getting in trouble.  Nevertheless, Elliot protects Pete, and ultimately helps him to find the family and home he deserves.
This is a good film, but last night after watching it, I watched one of the special features about the animation process.  The movie is live-action, but Elliot is cartoon, and while it obvious that he is, in fact, a cartoon, the interactions between the real-action and cartoon characters is pretty impressive.  After watching the feature on Disney’s history with animation, however, I have a new-founded appreciation for the complexity of this film.  It was so much harder back then to do this kind of stuff than it is now.  The work that went into a movie like Pete’s Dragon is outstanding, and I would always take a film like this over a computer-animated piece…ALWAYS.  So, this is just a post of appreciation for Pete’s Dragon, for both the movie itself, and the work that went into it!

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