Best Book Club Ever

My current position at my library is a contract position, and the contract ends in a couple of months.  So now I am in that weird back-and-forth ground about my feelings towards it.  On the one hand, I just want to stay!  I like my job, and I’m only now just *really* getting comfortable enough to make my own decisions and plan creatively, not to mention the patrons that I now know…some of which I’ve even been around to see born.

But on the other hand, I can’t wait for the contract to be over, so that I can start something new!  It’s hard working nearly a year in a place where you know there is no real future.  I am so ready to find a position where I can develop and grow with the system I’m in.

So it’s day-to-day.  But the other day, it was definitely a sadness-to-leave kind of day.  I run an After School Club at my branch, which had its last meeting this past week.  The kids didn’t know I wouldn’t be back in the fall, and they were very upset by the news.  When they left, they all brought in cards and things they’d made for me, and together they made me this…

The image is kind of blurry, but it says “Thank you for making Book Club so much FUN”

On the back, they all signed their names with little messages, too.  It was awesome.  But it also makes me so sad…some of these kids use the library all the time, and it would be so neat to watch them grow up from a librarian’s perspective, to see how their reading tastes change and to keep them active in the library as they get older.

But as sad as it was, it also definitely made my night.


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