Job Shadowing at Woodstock Public Library – Day 1!

I had my first (of three) days job shadowing at Woodstock Public Library today.  Unfortunately, due to the weather, I had to leave a bit earlier than originally planned, so I didn’t get to spend time at the reference desk, but the staff was extremely understanding, and the afternoon was great nonetheless.

I got a tour of the library, which is wonderful; it retains the original beauty of the building well, and the space was warm and had a real sense of history to it.  I met a lot of the staff, all of which were wonderful, and I spent some specific time receiving a shipment of materials, and doing some cataloging!

What was most interesting, though, was seeing all the things we’ve learned in school actually being done first-hand.  For instance, there has been a shift in the library, and they are starting to focus much more on the building as a community space instead of it as only a library, with a puzzle table, chess tables, media, and many programs.  It was really nice to understand what was going on, and it gave me a more grounded sense of some of these ideas.

Excited to go back next week and spend some time in the Children’s area, and hopefully the weather will be a bit nicer! 

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