Job Shadowing at Woodstock Public Library – Day 2!

Had my second of three days at WPL yesterday!  Got to Woodstock early, and stopped at Tim Hortons to get a drink while I waited.  While I was there, the CEO of the library happened to be, too!  He saw me and brought his things over to my table, and talked to me for about ten minutes about libraries and hiring practices and the differences between small and large library systems.  It was fantastic!

After this, I went to the library and sat in on an author reading/signing by Vikki Vansickle.  I got to talk with her a little beforehand, and she was really nice, so that was a treat.  Always fun to meet an author!

Spent a little time with the E-Branch manager in the late afternoon, which has inspired me to perhaps take two technology courses next semester (?!)  So we’ll see how that goes.  It was really interesting stuff, though, and I’m so happy I got a chance to see it!

Finally, attended a library board meeting before going home.  Learned a lot about boards in a short time, and actually had a very pleasant experience!

All in all, another good day.  Excited for my last day at the library, doing storytimes!

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