Job Shadowing at Woodstock Public Library – Day 3!

Today was my third and final day job shadowing at the Woodstock Public Library.  Started the day before the library was open, and spent some time on my own, checking out the new library display and browsing through the withdrawn books section.  Then, I met with one of the children’s librarians and sat in on a baby story time, which was really interesting, and a lot of fun.  After the program was over, I headed out of the library and over to Rogers TV, to check out the monthly book club talk on the local station.  Ate some lunch, and then spent some time in circulation and reference before heading home!

I learned a lot of great stuff doing this job shadowing.  I saw some things we have learned in class put into real life practice, and I saw some other things that we have definitely not learned in class.  I realized how many small tasks are involved with every job description, and I got to participate in a lot of neat activities.  It was a long drive to get out to Woodstock (especially in the snow!), but I am so glad I took this opportunity!

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