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Summertime at the Library!

This week kicked off the Summer Reading Club at the library.  Which means that kids can earn prizes for reading books during the summer, teens can win prizes for reading books over the summer, and everyone can participant in a host of library activities over the summer!

 Photo from: Harrison Memorial Library

We also had our first summer programme this week.  And since I started my position last fall, this programme was officially my very first summer programme as a librarian, =D  …So, of course, it was a tea party.  A Knights and Princesses Tea Party, to be exact!  And I am happy to say that it went very well!

The programme was for kids who had completed JK – Gr. 1.  We started off with a reading of Waking Beauty by Leah Wilcox, illustrations by Lydia Monks.  Basically, this is the story of prince charming, who has no idea that he has to wake Beauty with a kiss, and instead tries yelling at her, jumping on her bed, pouring water over her, shooting her out of a cannon…

The kids loved this story!  It was especially great for the boys, who were wary as soon as I began talking about the story of Sleeping Beauty.  I think they definitely appreciated the different take on the fairy-tale!

We followed this tale with a participation story, where I had the kids make sound effects for various characters in a fairy-tale.  Then, we played a fun “pass the potato”-esque game in which players pass around a parcel, and when the music stops whoever is holding the parcel unwraps one layer, which reveals an action that everyone has to do (e.g. pretend to slay a dragon, hop around like an enchanted frog).  The last action was to sit down for tea, and the kids ran for the table we had set up.

There, they had cookies and iced tea, and then they finished off the programme by decorating their own tiaras or crowns, which they then got to pick out two gems for before having the crown fitted to their heads.  We had great compliments, and the same kids signed up for more programmes later in the summer!

So that was my programme of the week, =)  I’m really looking forward to more programmes this summer (particularly my Day at Hogwarts which I know everyone else is looking forward to as well!), and I’m so glad we got the summer off to a great start at my library!

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