Teen Blog, Library Contest, and Hunger Games!

So I had a programmer’s meeting on Thursday.  In our library system, we have programmer’s meetings four times a year…this was my third meeting since beginning in September.  We spend the day discussing programming ideas for the upcoming season (this meeting was all about the summer), and we bring up issues in the library, and wrap-up our last big promotion (this time it was wrapping up after March Break).

At this particular meeting, however, something unexpected came up.  The girl running the Teen Reading Blog for the library recently moved into a new position, and she no longer has time to run the blog…so now I get to do it!  I’m very excited about this, since I like blogging, and I am so happy to finally have a way to reach out and work with the teens in my library system!

And speaking of teens…I am also excited to say that today is day one of my library’s Teen Book Review Challenge!  It’s my first big teen programme, and I’m really hoping it will work out alright.  There is not much teen activity at my branch, and unfortunately, there’s not much to offer young adults, either.  So hopefully this will pull some teens in *fingers crossed*

And, as a final note…saw The Hunger Games Friday night, and it was amazing!  Usually I am SUPER-critical of book to movie adaptations (*cough*Harry Potter*cough*), but I LOVED this movie!  The acting was good, the casting was great, the plot actually followed the book pretty well, and the overall tone of the movie matched the tone of the book, which is so important for a story like this.  So well done, Hunger Games!  Perhaps I’ll even have the opportunity to see it again in theatre before I have to wait for it on DVD, =)

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