50 Book Pledge

So, I said I was going to take it easy this year with my reading, but then, for some reason I still don’t quite understand, I signed up for this 50 Book Pledge.

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be only read books (as opposed to listened ones), but I am going to cheat a little if it is, and try to hit 50 books in total this year, both of the regular and audio kind.

I’m not off to a very good start, =/ …apparently I am on track for 26 books! Ha. At the moment, I’ve started 6 books, and haven’t quite got to that point where I focus on any one in particular yet. Oh well!

Have you done any reading pledges (or writing pledges) this year?

3 Responses so far.

  1. WOW – 50 books! That's great. I decided to aim for 20 novels this year and 10 nonfiction (including textbooks). So far I'm at 4 novels and 3.5 non-fiction books.
  2. Mere Joyce says:
    Ooh, that's an interesting idea, to have goals for both fiction and non-fiction! Last year I barely managed fifty read books, with audio on top of that, so I'm hoping mixing the two will be more reasonable this year!
  3. Donna Hosie says:
    Good luck. It's definitely doable.

    My aim is 35 books this year, which will include a couple of George R R Martin monsters in there.