A-Z Challenge,  Me

B is for Birthdays

Day 2 of the A-to-Z Challenge! And B is for…birthdays!


Saturday is my birthday, =D

I will be 25.

I think that’s kind of a landmark year, no?

I’m having traditional afternoon tea at a fancy manor house, and then seeing a production of Mary Poppins. Cause that’s how a I roll.

So for all of those recently past March birthdays, and for all those upcoming April ones…Happy Birthday!

 And following up on yesterdays post…Norman Reedus singing Happy Birthday!

And, I want to know. Best birthday? Worst birthday? Most bizarre birthday?

I can’t think of any such birthdays of my own right now, but I’ll brainstorm throughout the day.


  • Karen Tamara

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't think of a worst birthday, but I remember my 25th. I went to Hard Rock Cafe or Planet Hollywood (they're one and the same, right?) and they made me stand on the table while they sang to me. Um… unhygienic much? LOL.

    Hope you have a great day!


  • Megan

    Happy Birthday to you- I celebrated my 25th last July and yes- it is a big one! And one of my best, actually. I went to Indianapolis to visit my brother and spent some great time with family, also did the Color Run 5k and went to an amazing jazz show. Hope 25 is good to you.


  • Deshipley

    Many happy returns!
    My 25th is coming up, this autumn.

    Best birthday ever? Maybe my 23rd. My best friend was staying over from out of state, and she gifted me with a chain-mail shirt! (Couldn't even cry, I was so beyond overjoyed.)

    I can't think of a worst birthday, I'm glad to say.

    Most bizarre birthday? Perhaps the one I spent working in a school library, dressed up as Ralphie from "The Magic School Bus". I forget which age that was, but I was loving my green T-shirt with a big, red "R". X)

    Your birthday plans sound superb. Enjoy the heck out of yourself!

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