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Edits, Instagram, and Arthur…Catching Up!

It’s been a busy couple of months! With a toddler and a newborn around the house, there’s always something going on =). But I wanted to take a quick moment to catch up with you all. So here’s what I have up to:

  • Editing – I’ve gone through edits, copy edits, and proofreading edits for Getting the Brush Off! It’s quickly coming together, and I can’t wait to see the book in its finished form.
  • I’ve joined Instagram! Follow me at: – not much there yet, but I’m going to try to post daily!
  • The Once and Future Challenge – I’ve been continuing my way through Le Morte D’Arthur. It’s an interesting adventure for sure – some of the stories are quite unexpected! Although I have to say I’m disappointed with how early Merlin “died” – I thought he was in the book for a longer time.
  • Writing Retreat – Okay, not really. But the husband and me are planning a trip to our favourite spa, which is also my favourite spot to think through story problems and get inspired. I’m certainly looking forward to it, =)

That’s what I’ve been up to lately. How about you?

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