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Gearing Up for Fall

Okay, so I’m not likely going to have much time to enjoy the relaxing nature of Autumn this year. But since I’ll have a very good reason for a rather hectic schedule, =D, I don’t mind. However, I have definitely been in fall overdrive for the last few weeks, even though fall won’t actually hit for a few weeks more. I think I’m trying to squeeze in as much of the cozy atmosphere as I can before I’m too busy to notice it!

And so I thought I would share what I’m most enjoying/looking forward to this upcoming fall (baby-ness excluded, because that’s a given!)

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The leaves changing – This is our first year in our house, which is old, and has huge trees everywhere. The townhouse we were in before this was a new development, so the trees were scarce, and young. We’ve always been able to take walks and see the colourful leaves, but this year we’ll have tons of them in our own yard, and although it’ll mean a TON of raking (not to mention walnut clean-up!) I can’t wait for the colours and smells that come with it.

Cooler temperatures – We got a bit of this in August, but now it’s like August and September decided to switch places…so far September has been ridiculously hot, and I’m not liking the sudden spike! I can’t wait for cooler temperatures so that we can have more tea and hot chocolate to go along with the baking I’ve been doing (can’t quite decide if it’s nesting or just the fun of having a proper kitchen, but I’ve been baking a lot lately!)

Fallish entertainment – I love watching and reading things that fit your mood, and I’m looking forward to basking in the awesomeness of Autumn with good movies and books. Books are admittedly going to be harder, both in finding some new titles (have any good fall recommendations, let me know!) and in finding the time to actually read. But movies will be a little easier…we have a bunch of great movies that are sort of geared towards Halloween, but are family films and have more of a fall flavour than anything (and of course once October hits the true horror watches begin…not that we don’t watch horror all the time, but it’s fun to have the “excuse”, anyways). There are different movies to go with different aspects of the season, and since we’ve seen them all many times before, it won’t matter if we only get to half-watch them when they’re on, =)

The holidays – I love the holiday season, and it begins here earlier than it does in the US, as our Thanksgiving is in October instead of November. Food, family, and the warmth that comes with a celebration like Thanksgiving is fantastic, and it’s only the beginning of the great line-up of holidays!

So those are the things I’m looking forward to this Autumn, along with my biggest excitement of all, =)  What about you? Do you like Autumn, or are you already missing summer? What are you most looking forward to for the upcoming season?

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  • Diana Wilder

    Crisp autumn with its segue into cold, exiliratinng winter! How can I not love it? I was born in December. I remember learning that my birthday was a week before winter came about – so I'm an Autumn baby! (That's how it went in my head..) Books seem brighter, the air is cool and invigorating, and you have the promise of holidays… Oh, my. I'm off to daydream…
    Diana at About Myself By Myself

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