Hello Everyone!

I’m still more or less on a break from blogging for the moment, but since it’s been a few weeks since my last post, I thought I should give you a quick update!

As I mentioned last time, I was induced on Thursday, September 18th, and I ended up giving birth in the early hours of Friday, September 19th! Our baby boy was 6 pounds, 0 ounces, and had a little trouble breathing at first, so he had to go into special care. A stressful six days followed in which we kept almost being discharged (once the doctor even told us we could go home, and then came back a few minutes later and said we couldn’t o_o), before we finally got to go home the following Wednesday night!

It’s been great since…he’s doing well, and I am loving being a mum!

I am hoping to ease back into checking blogs and making small blog posts myself, but for the time being I’m just enjoying my days with my boy, =)

So here he is, Finn Caspian! (With a first and middle name like that, you’d think his mother liked books or something, eh?)


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