The Muse Party Blogfest!

Today I’m participating in The Muse Party Blogfest! Hosted by Sarah Foster of The Faux Fountain Pen, this is a party for writers and their muses!

I don’t have a muse of my own, so for the party I decided to bring along Autumn Deacon. Autumn’s the little sister of Maddie, the main character from my upcoming novel BLANK CANVAS!

Autumn’s excited to get mingling, so while she runs off to the dance floor, I’ll answer the blogfest questions!

Here it goes:

1. Who is your muse (or character)? Tell us a little bit about him/her and why you brought them.

My party companion today is Autumn Deacon, an energetic, athletic, outgoing thirteen-year-old. I’m not much of a party person, but Autumn’s great at keeping spirits high. She’s the kind of girl you definitely want around at a shindig!

2. What are you guys wearing? Dressing up or keeping it casual?

It’s spring! Which means a sundress and sandals for me. Autumn’s gone about as dressy as she ever does with a cotton skirt with a zip-up sweater. She had sandals on, too, but–*watches her dancing in bare feet*–I think she left them in the car.

…I hope she doesn’t have any clumsy dance partners.

3. It’s a potluck! Did you bring something yummy?

I baked cookies! Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, to be exact. There were supposed to be a lot more of them, but we got hungry on the way over. Sorry(not sorry)

4. Open bar! What are you both drinking (booze or otherwise)?

Hmm…cherry-coke? seems like a good party beverage. Yeah. We’ll take two!

5. Wallflowers or social butterflies?

I’ll be stuck to the wall for most of the night–I prefer pajamas and a good book or movie to a party. But Autumn will flutter all night! That’s why I brought her, =)

6. What song(s) will you and your muse sing for karaoke?

“A Fine Life” from Oliver! If you’re going with karaoke, you might as well pick something fun. A plus if we can get everyone else to join in!

7. What’s your favorite party game?

Well, I’m a fan of Victorian era games like The Minister’s Cat (it’s a fantastic game, I promise!) But Autumn would be more likely to enjoy something like Truth or Dare. She’s not afraid of secrets, and she loves a challenge.

8. Which one of you is more likely to end up dancing on a table top?

Autumn, definitely. But if the right song came on, something like “We Are Not Alone” from The Breakfast Club, I might not be able to resist.

9. Has your muse been a good date and would you ever hang out with them again?

Hanging out with Autumn all night is exhausting. But I would totally do it again! Just…after I’ve had some time to wind down from her endless chattering. Maybe we’ll make some tea. Something nice and calm.

But we had a great time at the party! Autumn would never admit it, but I think she needed a little break from home, a place where she could burn some energy and just have fun. I think this did the trick!

Now we’ll head over and visit some other party-goers.

15 Responses so far.

  1. Autumn sounds sweet. 🙂
  2. blogoratti says:
    Good stuff indeed!
  3. Autumn sounds like a hoot-and-a-half. Too bad I didn't know her when I was thirteen!
  4. Deshipley says:
    Muse Party Blogfest?! I honestly don't think I'm going to be able to keep my novel's main characters away. Hello, last-second blog post…

    Also, curious minds want to know: How does one play "The Minister's Cat"? ^^

  5. Chrys Fey says:
    Autumn reminds me a little of my muse. And we almost answered #5 identically. 🙂
  6. Autumn does sound like fun. And I'm curious too about the Minister's Cat game. Is it a word game?
  7. Sarah Foster says:
    Autumn sounds like a fun person! It's funny how a lot of the muses/characters are the social butterflies while the writers are the wallflowers.
    Thanks for coming to my party!
  8. Mere Joyce says:
    The Minister's Cat is a game where everyone in a circle describes the minister's cat with something starting with the letter A (the minister's cat is an arrogant cat, the minister's cat is an awkward cat etc.) When a person can't think of an answer, they're out, and then the group continues with the letter B (boring cat, boisterous cat, etc.) I actually played this with a group of drama students in high school…tons of fun!

    Here's a clip of it being played in Scrooge (starts a minute-ish into the video)

  9. dolorah says:
    I kick off my shoes whenever possible too. But make it cherry Pepsi and I could be a fan 🙂 Karoke should have fun songs to sing. Just let go and cut loose.
  10. Autumn sounds like an energetic girl.
  11. Autumn sounds like a fun gal to hang out with. Any song from that musical would be fun to sing with her.
  12. Lisa says:
    I loved meeting Autumn, and love that this musefest is multi-aged! Makes for a great mix, and more fun. Thanks for bringing her along! Lisa @
  13. AJ Lauer says:
    Ahh Minister's Cat! That IS a fun game!
    Autumn sounds lovely, as most 13 year old girls are.. 🙂
  14. Fifi Islaih says:
    Dancing barefoot sounds like something cool to do. Thanks for the cookies and introducing us to Autumn!
  15. I'm tired just thinking about Autumn! But, I'd love to meet her. Those cookies sound delicious!