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Okay, so recently I’ve started trying to listen to some audiobooks.  I have never listened to audiobooks before; I’m a paper book person, through and through.  But I had to read a book for one of the book clubs at work that I run, and it was a book I really wasn’t too interested in reading, especially since I had a pile of books I really wanted to read sitting at home.  So, I decided to give the audiobook a try, and have since listened to a couple of others as well.  They haven’t all been successful; I tried a few books in which I only listened to the first twenty minutes or so, and then returned them.  But I did manage to listen to some, so I’ve decided to quickly review a few of them.

The Art of Racing in the Rain – Garth Stein

This is the story of Enzo, a dog, and his owner, Denny.  This is classified as an adult book, and usually I only talk about YA and children’s materials on here, but that’s okay.  The story is about a dog, who talks about the trials of his owner’s life; mainly, a dying wife, a bitter custody battle, and a sex allegation that isn’t true.  This was a pretty okay book; it was neat hearing the story through Enzo, and there were parts that grabbed at various emotions.  But it was also a little formulaic to me, and some of the parts seemed unrealistic.  The narrator was fairly monotone, which I didn’t really like, but it wasn’t un-listenable.  It’s a drama, with a sad but happy ending.  So, pretty okay.

Incarceron – Catherine Fisher

This is the story of a full-world prison, and an inhabitant trying to escape.  This book just didn’t do it for me; it was too science-fiction-y, and there was far too much technology for my taste.  The idea was neat, and there was the potential for some really interesting relationships, but none of them played out (at least not in this first book of the series).  It’s a dystopian, science fiction, steampunk book, which could definitely appeal to some.  But for me, I kept getting distracted, and I’d miss huge sections of the story at a time…and I didn’t care enough to figure out what I’d missed!  The narrator was fine, but the book just wasn’t for me…however, I can definitely see how others would like it!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – Ann Brashares

I have no idea what possessed me to pick this audiobook up from my branch.  I just wanted to try another audiobook, and…I thought about this story.  Surprisingly, I liked this book a lot!  I knew the basics of the story, as I’d seen some of the movie before, so there wasn’t anything I wasn’t expecting.  But it was good.  I think I’m in that ‘can’t wait for summer’ mood now, and this was just what I wanted…a light, summer read, with good friendships, and some interesting storylines.  The narrator was good at making each girl have her own unique voice, but, true to my love of print books…I kept thinking while I listened that I really wished I was actually reading the book, instead of just listening to it!  Oh well, definitely a good realistic book about girls taking on new adventures, and having experiences that are life-changing in big and small ways.

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