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Book Vs. Movie

How have I never done this before?? I think this will be a new feature for me. I love books, and I love movies, and there is often quite a debate over which is better. (Hmm…debate might not be the best word…Book trumps Movie is usually the argument of most readers!)

But I will try to compare book and movie as evenly as possible, giving my thoughts about what worked better in each version for me.

And I’ll start with a story I only recently finished, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

The background: I’ve seen the movie before. (It has Alan Rickman, after all. How could it be possible for me not to have seen it?) But I had only seen it twice, and once it was only on as background noise while I did some house cleaning. So my recollection of it was pretty vague. I sort of remembered how the plotlines ended up, but not the details of how they got there.

The Book: I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this story. I liked it, of course. A few months back I read Pride and Prejudice, however, and I’m still trying to get my thoughts around how the two stories compare. I like the overall story of Pride and Prejudice better, but I was more invested in Sense and Sensibility. I found the latter to be more interesting, because there were so many twists and turns that, even though I already knew the ending, it made for quite a fun read. I did not like Elinor or Marianne as much as I liked Lizzie, and while I found the couples in Pride and Prejudice to be really well-matched, I didn’t much care for the matches in this book. But Sense and Sensibility was more emotional to me, and I was more eager to read the resolutions to all of the storylines.

Marianne and Willoughby. 
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The Movie: The movie happens so quickly! And I feel quite bad for Lady Middleton, who was killed off in the film version. I thought that Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson were perfectly fine as Marianne and Elinor, and of course Rickman was fantastic as Colonel Brandon. But I didn’t really see Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson together…it just didn’t work for me. Greg Wise was quite enjoyable as Willoughby, and Hugh Laurie was a great casting for Mr. Palmer! I enjoyed how in the movie Margaret, the youngest Dashwood sister, actually had a character, whereas in the movie she was hardly ever around. The flow of the story was smooth, and there was some subtle foreshadowing in the film which didn’t exist in the book (at least that I noticed) that I enjoyed.

My Thoughts: The book is obviously better if you want to get involved in this story. It is more detailed, and a delightful read. However, this particular version of the movie was enjoyable as well. It is not a perfect adaptation of the story, which is to be expected, but I didn’t feel that anything too major was changed, and mostly it was simply that things were omitted for the sake of saving time. I haven’t seen any other adaptions, and I would not be surprised to find one more closely connected to the actual book. But for a film version, this was perfectly okay by me.

Final Decision
: In the end, book wins, but it was an honourable match. ^_^

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