Entwined – Heather Dixon

Azalea and her eleven sisters are in mourning.  But after finding a secret magical passage in their room, they find a nightly escape through a forest to a wonderful pavilion where they can dance.  The pavilion is run by Keeper, a mysteriously handsome man who greets the girls when they arrive.  Keeper is full of magic, but not all magic is good.  As the girls continue to dance, night after night, they start to become trapped in a beautiful yet horrifying world.


This book has been on my to-read list for months!  My library was supposedly ordering a copy of it, but after waiting several months and seeing it still hadn’t actually been ordered, I gave up and just went out and bought it.  I love fairy-tales, so obviously this book appealed to me.  I am not a fan of modern fairy-tale adaptations, so I was really pleased to see that this story is set long-ago and far-away.  However, I don’t actually know the story of the twelve-dancing princesses too well, which I think was kind of good while reading this story (I couldn’t nit-pick about the little differences from the original tale to this adaptation!)

This is a fun, light tale.  I really enjoyed the characters in it…Dixon did a good job of making each of the twelve sisters have their own personalities.  I also really loved the gentlemen in this story!  Lord Teddie was fun, and I enjoyed how secretive Fairweller was…I felt like, from the beginning, there was something to him that the reader didn’t really see.  I also liked Mr. Bradford.  He was cute, and ruffled, and I loved how Azalea always wanted to fix his hair!

This book is fairly light-hearted.  There are a few scenes which are disturbing, but all in all, this book could have been a lot darker, if Dixon had wished it to be.  I enjoy my fairy-tales dark, so I would’ve enjoyed seeing something a little more frightening or tragic somewhere in this tale.  But its light nature didn’t take anything away from the story.  It was still an enjoyable read, and I would definitely recommend it for those that like princess tales and fairy-tale adaptations.

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