Love in a Day

Last month I read/listened to two books dealing with the idea of falling in love in a single day. The two novels, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, and Just One Day, were very different stories, but they each shared the common theme of love in a day. So I thought I would share my thoughts.

Statistical Probability – This was a good, light read, although there is definitely some serious stuff going on in this story. Hadley and Oliver both have demons to face when they reach London, but their feelings for each other shine through all of the darkness of what they’re facing.

I enjoyed this story…I found both Hadley and Oliver’s reasons for traveling interesting, and the troubles these two have were quite legitimate. It’s nice to see a story in which the drama is understandable, and not just a lot of angst. I very much appreciated that these characters had to deal with things that were terrible, confusing, and real.

However, I didn’t quite buy the falling in love bit. Don’t get me wrong…I thought it was clear that these two liked each other. They flirted, and they were fairly open about their interest…no total obliviousness, which was great! But I didn’t really get a sense of a crazy connection between them. They didn’t have that crash-bang click for me, and while I thought it perfectly fine that they were into each other, I couldn’t quite accept that they had fallen in love so quickly.

Just One Day – I had heard nothing but good reviews of this, so I decided to give it a go, but I have to be honest and say I couldn’t stand this book. It was a struggle to get through it. I didn’t like Allyson, and I didn’t care about her heartbreak and her intense suffering after Willem left. Of course, I also didn’t enjoy Willem at all. I couldn’t understand what he liked in Allyson, and I really didn’t understand what she liked about him.

This book was a good self-discovery story. Allyson has to be shattered in order to put together a more complete version of herself, and I think she is successful at that. But I would have rather it happened in a MUCH different way than it did. She was really struggling, and I felt like I should be pained for her, but I wasn’t. I wanted her to get over it and grow up, something that she slowly started to do by the end of the novel, but not enough to satisfy me.

Clearly, I didn’t buy this relationship either. I thought Willem was pretty much a jerk most of the time they spent together, and their amazing adventure of a day in Paris seemed extremely boring to me. Some people loved this story, and that’s wonderful. I, however, was not one of them!

I’m sad to say that neither of these stories nailed love at first sight for me. I like the concept of this, and I definitely think it can be managed in a story…I just haven’t found it yet!

So what about you? Do you think love can be written in one day? Have you ever read any good examples of it? Have you read either of these stories, and if so, did you believe the love at first sight between these characters?

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