Quick Reviews: Rainbow Rowell Edition

I wanted to post some quick reviews of things I’ve listened to/read recently, so I thought I would lump my Rainbow Rowell experiences together! Warning: There are some mild spoilers!

Eleanor & Park – Audio. I enjoyed this story, though I don’t think I liked it quite as much as a lot of people seemed to. I thought the build-up of the romance was great, and I absolutely loved how both of these characters were a lot more real than has often been my experience with YA love interests.

What I didn’t like about the story was Eleanor’s constantly being a downer…I understand she is dealing with some serious stuff in her life, and her personality may be very realistic all things considered, but that still didn’t change the fact that she got on my nerves sometimes, and I was flat-out annoyed with the way she did things at the end of the book. Nevertheless, a good listen!

Attachments – Audio. This was a really fun listen. It’s an adult book, but it still had interesting characters and a good build-up of a relationship, without a lot of unnecessary drama thrown in. I thought the premise of exchanging work emails was great, and the idea of someone falling in love through someone’s emails (by not by chatting online…by seeing how that person wrote to their very best friend when they thought no one else was watching) was really interesting. Plus, the two relationships at the beginning of the book are a failed high school relationship and a struggling college one, so it still had a younger vibe, which I liked.

Fangirl – I actually read this one, because I’d heard it’s like a love letter to fandoms. And the book was great! Seriously, it took me, like, two seconds to start shipping Baz and Simon. Can we please have some Simon Snow books and accompanying fanfictions?? I loved getting to actually read snippets of the Simon Snow books and Cath’s writing. Levi was a wonderful, lovable, but still imperfect character, and I really liked him and Cath together. Plus, I related so much to Cath…she doesn’t get the whole “college experience” of partying and drinking, and she doesn’t much like crowds. I enjoy that she is the hero of our tale, and that Wren, her partying, drinking, “hot” twin, is the one who ends up needing a bit of a rescue.

My only issue with this book was the end. I honestly didn’t care what happened in the final book of the Simon Snow series, but I did want to see what happened in Cath’s massive fanfiction, and we never saw it! Plus, I didn’t like how the short story Cath put off and put off and didn’t care about and then wrote in pretty much one day with no actual thought as to how it would turn out ended up winning a prestigious writing prize. I think that was a bit too easy for her…I wanted her to actually learn something about herself and her writing, which I didn’t really see happen. However, I still thought this was a great book, and I smiled hugely through a large chunk of it!


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