Something Borrowed

*Kind of Spoilers, I guess*

Alright, so it’s officially one month until my wedding!  Because of this, I’ve been thinking about a lot of wedding-related things as of late, and just recently my mind wandered to the book Something Borrowed, and I thought about writing a quick review on it, even though I read it a long time ago.  And then, I saw a preview for the upcoming movie, so I figured that was a good enough push to write something!

Something Borrowed is part of a two part series by Emily Giffin (the second book is Something Blue).  It follows Rachel, a successful, single thirty-year-old as she embarks on an affair with her best friend, Darcy’s, fiance Dex.  Rachel is the classic good-girl; hardworking, polite, and always the first to stand behind Darcy, who is gorgeous, selfish, and arrogant.  It is completely unlike Rachel to do something so terrible to Darcy, but she starts to explore her own feelings for Dex, and the relationships between all of them are turned upside down.

All in all, this is a chick lit piece of writing, which is perfectly fine.  And, in fact, I think it’s definitely one of the better works in this genre that I have read.  I enjoyed the way the relationships panned out.  It is definitely somewhat predictable of a plot, but what is interesting is not how the story between Rachel and Dex turn out, but rather the way the relationship between Rachel and Darcy does.  Here are two best friends, who have always been best friends, though they really don’t seem to be a good fit for one another.  It takes until they are nearing or have reached thirty to realize this, and the damage that is done by the affair lasts.  There is no rebound for these girls.  They do not reconcile, make-up, and move on with life, which I appreciated.  In Something Blue, the story is continued through Darcy’s point of view, and while I don’t think this book is quite as good (the characterization in this book is just too unrealistic, for me), it is interesting to see how the women deal with what has happened, even once the right and wrong have been sorted out.

Now, it’s absolutely no surprise that they are making a movie about this, though I have not really made up my mind about casting yet…I think the actors are probably alright, though I suppose they wouldn’t be my top picks for the roles.  Anyways, here is a trailer!  This is likely something I will watch after it’s released on video, if I’m in the mood for a good girly film, =)

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