The Bride’s Farewell – Meg Rosoff

I like Meg Rosoff.  I absolutely fell in love with How I Live Now last year, and, while I HATED the ending to What I Was, I loved everything up until the ending.  I hadn’t read anything else by her since then, however (and that was last summer), so I decided to pick up another book by her.  I ended up choosing The Bride’s Farewell.

Now granted, it’s been awhile since I’ve read anything of Rosoff, but this book felt different to me.  It’s not a contemporary book like the others of hers that I have read…which is probably the main difference in the feel of the writing.  I actually felt like I was reading something more like Robin Mckinley with this one, which probably has to do with the journeying of Pell.  Regardless of the different feel of the story, however, I liked this book just fine.

Pell leaves home the morning of her wedding day.  She simply cannot marry the man she’s supposed to, so she flees in order to start a new life for herself.  Things go off course pretty quickly, however, when her brother Bean quietly insists he comes along with her, and ultimately gets lost from her when a business deal goes awry.  Pell has to search for her brother and her horse, all the while trying to survive herself with no home, no family, and no money to her name.

Trying to describe how this book was is kind of difficult, actually.  There were no really unusual story lines, and there were no massive plot twists that had me gaping at the page.  And yet…there were several little twists in this story, which bucked the plot off its route and kind of nudged it in a different direction.  There are no sweeping romances and there’s no picture-perfect happy ending, but things turn out well, and it was a satisfying read.

I wouldn’t call this my favourite work by Rosoff, but I definitely still enjoyed it, and it was an easy read to get through.  Those liking adventures, young women on solitary journeys, and even those who enjoyed other works by Rosoff could certainly enjoy this work, too.  And I’ll continue reading Rosoff in the future, as I think she’s a great writer, =) 

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