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The Perfect Character Relationship: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

So I just finished listening to Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood. I haven’t read Sisterhood Everlasting yet, but since I’ve finished the original quartet of stories, I thought I’d talk about these girls.

As I listened to the final summer unfold for these girls, I started thinking about why I love these stories so much. There are a lot of good things about these books, but the reason why I really love this series is simple. I think the relationship between Carmen, Lena, Tibby, and Bridget is perfect.

I was surprised by my attachment to this series. I don’t normally connect with contemporary stories too much, but this one was different, and I think that’s mostly because of the friendship between these four girls. Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen have huge history before the series even begins. Their friendship is far beyond solid, and that never changes throughout all of the books. Even as the girls all develop into young women who are all very different from one another, they remain the closest of friends. They are a chosen family, and that is never threatened in this series.

I think all too often you find books where friendships are tested. Sometimes friends that seem solid find out that they are not. And even the friendships that prevail in the end are sometimes thoroughly shaken along the way. But that is not the case with The Sisterhood. Each girl goes through a lot of change and pain in these stories…the thrill and agony of falling in love, the uncertainty, pleasure, and pain of sex, the grief and suffering of loss, and the struggle of learning how to grow up, and how to change while still belonging and being the same inner person you’ve always been.

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And through this, the girls can always count on one another. Sometimes a fight between friends is necessary, because the truth is that many friendships are tested, and some would argue that you can’t have a real friendship without being so close that you sometimes fight. But I suspect that these girls, having known each other from birth, have fought with one another. They’ve argued, separated, missed, and reunited, all before the series began. So during these four stories, the hardships of being friends is over, and the girls are one another’s rocks.

It is such a special relationship, and rare, but believable. It is the kind of group of friends that many long to have, but few can truly capture. It is special, full of love, and definitely a type of family. And for this series, it adds a spark that’s even more magical than the traveling pants.


  • Alythia

    Ok. Confession time… I watched the movie first and never read the books. I know! I know! But I did love the movie, even though I'm not really into chick flicks. And I will definitely check them out, thanks to your review!

  • Mere Joyce

    I'm not a big chick flick person, either, but for some reason I really clicked with the books. Of course, the books are quite different from the movies (better!) …the movies tend to add drama, which doesn't exist in the books (especially the 2nd movie). But they are great summer reads and films to watch!

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