The Princess Bride – William Goldman

I saw the movie The Princess Bride in the spring, and honestly, I didn’t like it very much.  There was far too much hype about how funny it was, and because of that, I went in expecting a comedy.  This is not what it was, so I felt disappointed about it.  But, the film stuck with me, and I ended up buying it, and then ended up watching it again a few months later.  The rerun was MUCH better!  Knowing what it was like let me slip into the details, listen more closely to what everyone said, and I enjoyed the film immensely.

So, I decided to read the book.  I thought about reading it for awhile and never did, because I have so much else going on with all my book clubs and whatnot that I wasn’t sure I could devote proper reading time to it.  But, the pull was too strong, and eventually I went ahead and bought it.  And devoured it.

I loved this book!  It is so well-written, and Goldman is a genius at meshing the Princess Bride world with the “true” world of Goldman himself.  The story of Westley, Buttercup, Inigo, and Fezzik is classic, daring, action-filled, and full of great adventure.  Goldman’s interjections are humourous and sometimes even thought-provoking, adding an entirely different flavour and an extra level to the book as a whole.

One thing that was great about this book was that I loved all the main characters.  Fezzik is adorable, and he is just so loyal and the bond between him and Inigo is wonderful.  Inigo, in addition to his sweet friendship with Fezzik, is a perfect hero of avenge, and it is so fantastic when he finally finds what he has been searching for for so many years.  Westley is comical, brave, strong, and yet a desperate romantic who falls for Buttercup’s sweet smile every time she gives it.  And Buttercup, the least likable of all due to her ditzy-ness, is still brave and confident and, somewhere, I am positive there is a great knowledge lurking in her mind, just waiting for its chance to burst forth.

I am so happy I read this book.  The zany “is it Goldman or is it Morgenstern” aspect was hilarious (especially when Goldman brought other real figures into his elaborate story, including one of my favourite authors Stephen King), and the actual Princess Bride story is a fantastic and satisfying fairy-tale classic type tale.  Wonderful. *****

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