Touched – Cyn Balog

Okay, so November is probably going to be a light month for blog posts, since my energy is all going towards NaNoWriMo! But that’s okay. I’ll do my best!

For now, a review of Touched by Cyn Balog.

Nick is cursed with the ability to see the future, which has led to most people thinking he’s a total freak. But just when he thinks he’s finally got his “future memories” under control, Nick goes off of his future script by saving one girl he’s never supposed to meet, and causing another girl to drown.

This was a really interesting read. To be honest, I only picked it up because I thought the cover was awesome, but ultimately this was a good story, too. I really enjoyed the way Nick’s ability to see the future was presented as curse instead of a gift…being able to see the future may sound cool, but Nick’s existence is continuously painful and exhausting, clouded by “You Wills”—little pieces of information about what he will do every few seconds (you will walk across the street, you will drop your wallet, you will smile awkwardly as you pick it up…) – and with massive headaches every time he veers off script.

The origins of the curse were intriguing, and refreshingly simple, actually. There was not a hugely complex explanation of the history of being Touched, which I liked (I get tired of ridiculously complicated explanations for stuff…it’s fun sometimes, but it can be annoying).

Nick wasn’t my favourite of characters…he was a bit oblivious, and one those characters who is constantly down on himself. He’s got his reasons for that, but it was still a bit aggravating. The ending of the book also wrapped up a bit too neatly…I thought for sure this was going to be a series, but it wasn’t, and I think the ending wasn’t exactly rushed, but just too easy for the build up.

All in all, a good book though. One of those instances of me picking up a book knowing nothing about it, and in this case, it turned out well! Plus, I seriously love the cover. =3


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