Winnie the Pooh

I absolutely had to go and see Winnie the Pooh when it came out in theatres.  It greatly upsets me the way family films are going completely computer-animated, and I strongly support every effort made to reverse this!  I was so pleased to see Disney release this film in the classic Pooh film style, so I really wanted to make sure I went out and supported them in this!

The film, happily, follows the classic Pooh films well.  The introduction is live-action, and the theme song (although performed in a different manner) is the same theme song of the original Pooh movies (complete with Pooh blowing something off his nose and saying ‘pooh!’ as he does it!).  The characters, while the voices are inevitably different, are still the same old lovable characters, and the humour continues to be cute and clever.  I was very happy to see the style of the film continue in the way of the classic films as well, with the characters interacting with the narrator, and the book itself.

The film was short, running only an hour and ten minutes, and while this makes the cost of seeing it in theatres something to seriously consider, I don’t mind the length.  As it was, a couple of children in the cinema had to leave before it was over, as they couldn’t last the whole film.  I am very much against dragging a film out just for the sake of it being longer, and there are plenty of films that could easily be a lot shorter than they are without the film losing anything.  So I am okay with a short film, especially since most of the classic Disney animations are rather short, too!

The only thing I was not really a fan of in this film was the music.  Winnie the Pooh is always singing lots of little songs, so I have no problem with some singing throughout the story.  However, there were a lot of songs for such a short movie, and they were mostly all production numbers, which wasn’t necessary.  Some of them were cute, but some went a little overboard.

An interesting side note, while there were, of course, children in the theatre, the majority of the people watching this film were young adults and adults, and we were all laughing the whole time!  I love to see a family film which can truly appeal to all members of the family, as I don’t think this always happens.

All in all, I definitely recommend seeing this film.  It’s short, but it’s cute, and it supports an animation style which is being seen less and less, but which I truly believe should be showcased! ****

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