Words that Start with B – Vikki Vansickle


I’m going to be doing some job shadowing over the next few weeks, and on one of the days I will be there, Vikki Vansickle will be there, doing a book reading/signing.  So, I thought I would read the book!

First, I need to say that I don’t like the title of this book.  Words That Start With B references the fact that each chapter is titled something that begins with B (Bonding, Burned, etc.), but beyond that, it doesn’t seem to have much of a point.  The chapter titles, too, while they always have something to do with the events of the story, often are not really that important.  I think a much more creative, or descriptive, title could have been used instead, and a more simplistic way of heading the chapters could have easily been done without taking anything away from the story.

With that said, however, I liked this book.  It follows a seventh grader named Clarissa through a school year, one that does not go at all according to plan, and is for the most part miserable.  The topics are serious, but at the same time the book is lighthearted, and in the end, there is a happy ending.  I didn’t fancy the character of Clarissa all that much, but I did like Benji a fair bit, and I think each character was meant to have flaws, which I always appreciate in a story.  A good, quick read, and I’m happy I decided to delve into it. 

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