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June Reads & Listens

June was a better month than May was for reading. It was definitely an unexpected month, though…I didn’t finish the book I thought I’d have done in the first week of June, but I started and finished several reads/listens I wasn’t even planning to begin!

What I’ve Read

NineDoorsVickiGrantNine Doors – Vicki Grant

I honestly don’t know why I started reading this. I think the cover drew me, and I knew it’d be a quick read so I decided to give it ago. It’s a story about kids who take a game too far and wind up in more trouble than they expected. The ending was a surprise, but the main character was a bit too much of a pushover for my liking. So overall it was an okay read.





The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-ExupéryLittlePrinceBook

My Mother-in-Law bought me this book when she discovered I’d never read it before! This is a beloved classic, and I can totally see why it is. I myself loved it at the beginning, and found it a really enjoyable read. But then by about halfway through the story, things took a turn and I was impatient to be done with it. I don’t know…I get that the story is very metaphorical, but when it comes to metaphors I still need to enjoy the story on a surface-level, too, which I didn’t by the end. It was still well-written, and definitely felt like a cozy classic, though!

What I’ve Listened To

SilenceisGoldfishCoverSilence is Goldish – Annabel Pitcher, Read by Jayne Entwistle

I enjoyed Annabel Pitcher’s first two books, so I was excited when I discovered she had a third one out. This was an unusual story, but I really liked it. Tess was an extremely interesting character to me. Her decision to simply stop talking makes such a big impact on her life, and it was great to see the moments of absolute power she had simply by not saying a word. There were a few times when I found it a tad unbelievable that she wouldn’t give in and say or do something, but I think the story ended in a good place. All in all, a great listen!




Boy – Roald Dahl, Read by Dan Stevens

My library got a few new Roald Dahl audiobooks in our online catalogue this month, so I caught up on a couple of stories I’ve been interested in but haven’t before read. The first of which was Boy. This collection of memories from Dahl himself was of course enchanting to listen to. He was such a fantastic storyteller, and it definitely shows in this. There are also a couple of scenes from his childhood that you know inspired his future works, and that was interesting to listen to.




TheFutureofUsThe Future of Us – Carolyn Mackler & Jay Asher, Read by Mary Ellen Cravens & Steven Kaplan

My expectations weren’t too high for this one when I started it this month, as I haven’t heard a lot of good things about it. Still, the premise was so intriguing I decided to give it a go. My feelings after listening are about the same as they were beforehand. I think the premise of the story is still really cool, and I liked the way everything the characters did (big or small) made significant changes to their futures. However, the characters themselves were definitely not ones I enjoyed. They were selfish and inconsiderate, and I really didn’t see any progression of their relationship throughout the book. If you’re big on characters, you might not like this story. But if the premise of accessing Facebook back in 1996 sounds good to you, I’d still say it’s worth checking out.



Paper Covers Rock – Jenny Hubbard, Read by Steven Boyer

The reviews on this one didn’t seem all that favourable, but I quite enjoyed it! It’s very reminiscent of Dead Poets Society, and listening to it really made me want to curl up and watch that movie. It’s a more literary kind of YA, with a lot of classic lit references and original poetry written by the main character. I definitely don’t think this is one everyone will enjoy, but I was pleased with it!





WinterBookWinter – Marissa Meyer, Read by Rebecca Soler

Book-o-lution #2 complete! I finally got my hold for this audiobook in at a convenient time, and have been able to finish the Lunar Chronicles! (Okay, not counting Stars Above, but I do have that one on hold now). This was a long book, and I do honestly feel like it should have been broken into two stories, not one. There were so many characters and so many plotlines going on that some characters were largely ignored and some plots seemed rushed. Still, I enjoyed it. Full of action, full of cutesy relationships, and full of fun twists on fairy-tales. It was a satisfying end to the series, and since this wasn’t a series I ever really intended to get into, I’m happy I gave the first one a shot!



Sweethearts – Sara Zarr, Read by authorSweetheartsBookCover

I’d had this audiobook in my “wishlist” on my library’s eContent site for a while now…mostly because I think the cover’s pretty! It was an okay book. I liked the premise of two old friends reuniting after a long period apart and seeing how different their lives have become, but the book only felt like it was telling half of the story. It all seemed kind of pointless in the end, really. Some changes did come out of the events, but it’s never seen whether those changes end up making a difference to the characters or not. I think the idea was solid, but that the execution didn’t work for me.




FantasticMrFoxBookFantastic Mr. Fox and Other Animal Stories – Roald Dahl, Read by Chris O’Dowd, Geoffrey Palmer, Stephen Fry, and Hugh Laurie.

Okay, let’s be honest. I listened to this one because of the talent listed above! There’s not a whole to say about these stories. They’re Roald Dahl tales, and they felt like classic Roald Dahl tales. Enjoyable to listen to, and just silly stories all around.

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