The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

Finished up second semester of my MLIS today!  To celebrate, got together with some fellow MLIS students, and had a movie night.  The title of choice this evening?  The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.

I did not pick this film.  One of my classmates/friends got it from (guess where?) the library, as it was recommended to her by (guess who?) the librarian.  We all took one look at this film and knew we had to watch it.

The film is actually part of a trilogy, made for TV and originally broadcast on TNT.  The premise of the film is that Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), a man in his thirties who is a “professional student” with 22 degrees, gets kicked out of school so that he can find a real job.  Find, however, is not exactly the right word.  While at home, brooding about his lack of schooling, a letter falls from a bookcase, and magically an invitation appears, for Flynn to come for an interview for the librarian position at the Metropolitan Public Library.  He gets the job, to his surprise, and soon finds out that the library is home to many great artifacts of civilization, including Excalibur, Pandora’s Box, and a flying carpet, to name a few.  However, pretty soon a evil organization, headed by the previous librarian, breaks into the library and steals one of the artifacts, one of three pieces to the Spear of Destiny, which, when put together, can control all life.  It is up to Flynn to find the other pieces of the artifact before the bad guys do, and get the Spear of Destiny back to the library where it belongs.

What is there to say about a film like this?  If you don’t go in expecting much, you’ll have a great time.  This film is a good comedy/adventure, though much of its appeal lies in the kick-ass library and librarian heroes (oh, and Bob Newhart as an ex-marine librarian with serious martial arts skills doesn’t hurt, either).  I particularly enjoyed the point made that only a true librarian can understand and translate the bird language of the book that holds the clues to where the spear pieces are hidden.  Who knew our skills as librarians needed to be so diverse?

I’m actually interested to watch the next two installments of this series.  It’s not top priority or anything, but I definitely plan to give these films a go eventually.  It may not be a blockbuster or an Oscar winner, but for a good time, especially with a group of librarians, The Librarian: Quest for the Spear is a winner.  Oh, and I’ll be waiting for my invitation to interviews to fall into my lap from now on…perhaps that is why library jobs seem so elusive these days?

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