The Once and Future Challenge – 1/4 Update!

I can’t believe I’m already a quarter of the way through my year-long reading of Le Morte D’Arthur. But, since it’s been three months already, I thought I’d do a quick update on how it’s going!

Things I’m enjoying so far:

  • It’s great to know I’m around a quarter of the way through the book already. I’m a little behind schedule (about 20-25 pages), but technically it should take me a little less than a year to finish the whole book, so being a bit behind is okay.
  • The unexpected adventures – Okay, let me level with you. Despite this story being full of battles and magic, it’s not the most entertaining thing to read. A lot of the fighting sounds the same, and way too many people are ‘the greatest’ or ‘the most foul’. But, every so often, one of the stories will be so bizarre it reminds me why I wanted to start this book in the first place. Giants, spells, weird and often bloody quests…they really amp up my reading interest!

Things I’m not enjoying so far:

  • Merlin’s early exit! Merlin’s my favourite character from these legends, so it was a real shame to come across his “death” so early. I knew he stepped out for a while, but I didn’t think it happened within the first tenth of the book! That was definitely a disappointment.
  • Being on a schedule – this is always the tough part about putting a timeline on reading. Some days I’m busy with the family or I just don’t feel like diving into the stories. But each day that I don’t reach my reading goal is a day I get further behind. It’s so easy to slip off track, which leads to binge reading chapters in order to get caught up!

So far, my favourite story probably has to be when Arthur and two of his knights go to sleep while on the road, and all three wake up in different places, leading to different adventures. It’s one of the times the text has really felt like a story, rather than a textbook reading, =)

That’s pretty much it for now. I’ll try to do another update at the halfway point in the year. And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram to get more frequent progress updates!

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