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Writing Wednesday

Welcome to Writing Wednesday, a kind of regular post about what I’m up to writing-wise!

~ What I’m Writing ~

Haven’t been actively writing in the last two weeks…it’s been edits and some plotting, which I’ll talk about below!

~ What I’m Editing ~

I finished draft one edits of my current YA project! Thinking about what needs changing and what’s looking good as I pass the time before the next edits begin, =)

~ What I’m Researching ~

Police uniforms and some grammar-y things. Nitpicking at small details, currently!

~ What I’m Planning ~
I’m reading a fantasy book right now, and it’s put me in the fantasy mood. So I’ve started looking at an old project of mine again. It’s a YA fantasy which has been shelved for a while, but I just adore the characters, their relationships, and their growth. Looking at the project again has made me realize the writing is definitely workable (yay!), while the plot is…probably not, =/. However, I’ve had a great thought on how to change the plot into a more unique and satisfying story, while keeping the characters and setting I’ve already created!

It’s a lot to work through, but I’m excited. I love the idea for this story, so I’m eager to get to work making it shine!


A short recap this week. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been up to in your writing lately!

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